Branding, marketing campaign and website re-design


Careteam+ is a primary and specialty care provider offering services for the entire family, from newborns to the elderly. Moving to our new facility in 2017 off Singleton Ridge Road in Conway, Careteam+ strives to become your patient-centered medical home by offering a variety of services to help you live well.

Outdoor digital billboard campaign

Set of rack cards to accompany the new brand

Agency work

Various corporate design and agency work.


My contribution to Startup Weekend West Palm Beach 2017.

In the short stint of 2 1/2 days, I developed the iCheev brand, name and prototype animation with the help of my team.

Brand refresh, marketing campaign and website re-design

Original Logo

New Logo

A full-service Public Relations and Marketing firm. We’ve been around for over 20 years building memorable brands for our clients and helping them bring in new business. We don’t see our clients as the next big project; our clients are people we care about and that drives us to make sure we have the right strategy that will bring them results. Every business is different and there are no one-size-fits-all strategies to success. Our talented team of award winning designers, accredited public relations professionals (APR), media experts, researchers, and marketing executives all work together to make sure you have a marketing plan that is tailored for your business.

Marketing strategies

Digital flipbook created with PUBHTML5 and brand animation

Logo design

Corporate and personal clients

Hometown quarterly

Motion graphics and animations created with Adobe After Effects

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