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My name is Pablo Marin.

I'm a graphic artist, designer and animator currently based out of Nashville, TN.

I was born in the 80s,

grew up in the 90s

and always dreamt of the 70s.

It’s said you become the things you loved as a kid and for me, I loved growing up in the sun. Thoughts of a career never crossed my mind, just the colors, the smells and the speed the great outside had to offer. I was on my bike and in the ocean all day and thought there was nothing cooler than neon bathing suits and Ninja Turtles. And at the end of the day, visions of sun-kissed Utopian futures laid me down to sleep. As time went on, the neons faded and eventually dystopia became the cool new trend to watch. As an artist, I aim to reclaim a vision of a future that may never be, a future full of color, strength, beauty and speed. I use my varied disciplines as a graphic artist, illustrator, animator, concept and fine artist to create pieces that fall within the spectrum of digital to traditional. My present body of work blurs the lines of time of the retro and the futuristic; two seemingly opposing directions meeting in an ambiguous year, for an ambiguous purpose. 


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